wake up 8am
handed in by 9:30am (boss)
fifa (10-2:30pm)
wetherspoons (3-9)


Dissertations suck, drop out before third year

can’t believe i had the privilege to play with these dudes and i instead of watching em i got hammered.

She said “It’s such a pity you came here from the city”
"Babe, we’re the locals who were too scared to go anywhere else"


ERICA GOLDSON: Graduation speech

reblogged this last week, so painfully relevant

Nails - Wide Open Wound
7,287 plays


So this is Nails slowed down….

this is evil

this would’ve been perfect in that lord of the rings scene when it pans up from the black gate showing the orcs being created with mount doom overlooking

Lansbury can’t wait for Pearce to start, but wants to fire Forest… (Nottingham Post)
today’s a good day, just like every other
Championship: Nottingham Forest confirm appointment of former player Stuart Pearce from July 1st (Football Trade Directory)

I said “I wanna see the world” 
She said “Hey I do to!” 
But I said “Well that’s the problem, I don’t want to see it with you” 

We’ll build for years and years, to realise it’s all worthless.
We’ll say that we’re in love? 
We don’t know what that means. 


ERICA GOLDSON: Graduation speech