The Enemy - This Song

Half the kids you grew up with, pushing prams by the time they were 16.
If love is a drug then where is the cure, for the girl who used to talk to you about her dream.

Calais – Reims – Dijon – Grenoble - L’Alp D’Huez - Col Du Galibier - San-Michel-De-Maurienne – Col Du Mont Ceines – Turin – Liburian Coast (Savona?) – Nice

Here’s a long post, Please take the time to read it!

Click the link, chuck us a couple of quid to raise awareness for MND and for myself cycling 900 miles in sweltering heat.
I’ll be creating a zine to inspire you to cycle somewhere far away.

As most of you probably don’t know, I’m cycling to Nice with my house mates during the course of August. Initially it is purely to tour France, conquer the Alps and spend a few days in Nice before returning home. The trip itself is ~900 miles (more info on the link below), so is no walk in the park. If you know me, you know I’m painfully unfit so this feat isn’t going to be dainty cycle to the pub.

Speaking to my Grandmother a few months ago I learnt that her eldest brother passed because of Motor Neurone Disease, one I’ve come into contact with during my studies. MND is a serious progressive, terminal illness where you lose mobility due to nerval wasting. Albeit this is a “holiday” for me in a sense, I feel it’s fitting to do it in his memory. I’m doing the trip for myself but dedicating the journey to the older generation of my family, for a worthwhile cause, the MNDA. I first set a target £2 per mile of £1800, but I felt this was a bit ambitious, so £900 seems a very doable in the 4 month run up.

Moreover, I’m looking to create a zine after the experience to make a trip like this more accessible to someone who doesn’t know a thing about bike - such as myself not too long ago. The plan is to provide a share the knowledge I’ve gained with guides about bikes, the sort of itinerary used before setting off, as well as a detailed diary of what happened during the course of my trip. If you’d want to collaborate, I’d love to include you. It’s more of a project I want to undertake to keep my creative juices flowing. Of course, all proceeds will also go to the MNDA

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you know of anyway I can increase awareness, and consequently my donations sum, I’d love to hear from you.



wake up 8am
handed in by 9:30am (boss)
fifa (10-2:30pm)
wetherspoons (3-9)


Dissertations suck, drop out before third year

can’t believe i had the privilege to play with these dudes and i instead of watching em i got hammered.

She said “It’s such a pity you came here from the city”
"Babe, we’re the locals who were too scared to go anywhere else"


ERICA GOLDSON: Graduation speech

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Nails - Wide Open Wound
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So this is Nails slowed down….

this is evil

this would’ve been perfect in that lord of the rings scene when it pans up from the black gate showing the orcs being created with mount doom overlooking

Lansbury can’t wait for Pearce to start, but wants to fire Forest… (Nottingham Post)
today’s a good day, just like every other
Championship: Nottingham Forest confirm appointment of former player Stuart Pearce from July 1st (Football Trade Directory)